Autumn Things Lino Cut Print

Autumn Things Lino Cut Print

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An original hand carved and printed lino cut with an autumnal theme, featuring mushrooms, leaves and a moon phase moth.

Each print has been hand printed onto beautiful handmade papers, and each one comes signed by myself.

There are four different paper options to choose from, please see the photos for examples of each paper.

● Nepalese Bamboo Washi Paper 30gsm: this paper has a natural light tone, and is made from the bark of mitsumata, wth tiny bits of green chopped bamboo leaves added.

● Japanese Ho-Sho Paper 90gsm: a bright white professional printing paper made in Japan.

● Nepalese Mitsumata Washi Paper 30gsm: made from the inner bark mitsumata, a native plant of the Himalayan foothills. This paper is a light warm tone.

● Himalayan Lotka Washi Paper 60gsm: this paper is made from the Lokta plant using the Japanese nagashizuki dipping and layering method, and has a warm brown tone.

The Important Stuff:

● Print is square - measuring 20cm by 20cm.
● Hand carved and Printed by myself.
● Signed.