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Stacey McEvoy Caunt

Major Oak Lino Print

Major Oak Lino Print

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A hand carved and printed original lino cut print of the infamous Major Oak tree in Nottinghamshire, inspired by the legend of Robin Hood.

Each print has been hand printed onto beautiful handmade papers, and each one comes signed by myself.

Printed onto delicate Nepalese Mitsumata Washi Paper 60gsm: made from the inner bark mitsumata, a native plant of the Himalayan foothills. This paper is a light warm tone and has an aged and delicate texture and appearance.
The Important Stuff:

● Print is square and measures 30cm by 30cm.
● Hand carved and Printed by myself.
● Signed.
● Plastic free packaging.
● Nepalese Mitsumata Washi Paper 60gsm

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